In Celebration of Loren Wayne Wheeler

October 2, 1934 – April 27, 2018

Yippee! Perhaps, an unusual sentiment when someone passes. However, it could be heard here at the Hollow when a long-time Theosophist passed away. It was Loren who gave voice to this sentiment. He celebrated the transition of the soul from the dense physical body to the lighter spiritual body. With this certain conviction of an important step on the Path, Loren said good-bye to people who’d passed away in his life. It is with that same conviction that we bid good-bye to Loren.

Loren was a warm generous open-hearted gentleman. He had a fantastic sense of humor and a fun-loving approach to life. Loren also had a deep capacity for kindness and people naturally felt at ease in his presence. He devoted his life to selfless service and spiritual teachings. As a long-time active member in the Theosophical Society, he was a Theosophist is the truest sense of the word.

Beginning in 1980 Loren served as the Treasurer for Pumpkin Hollow Foundation. He commuted from NYC to Pumpkin Hollow for 27 years. Upon retiring in 1999 he joined Carolyn, his wife and life-partner of 45 years, in residence at Pumpkin Hollow as a full-time volunteer.

Loren wore many hats at the Hollow. Perhaps best known as the custodian of the sanctuary grounds which he tended devotedly, he also served on the Pumpkin Hollow Board of Directors, oversaw the finances of Pumpkin Hollow, managed the bookstore and library, maintained the Hollow vehicles, and was often found helping with clean up in the kitchen. There was no job too big or too small for Loren. He served with a smile wherever he was needed. He vigilantly contributed to the Hollow’s friendly atmosphere, always ready with a warm, “Welcome to Pumpkin Hollow.”

As a natural leader in the Pumpkin Hollow community he believed that it was our duty to shine and let radiance move through us. Quietly practicing, embodying, and encouraging others, Loren was a steady guiding hand in the spiritual development of the people who knew him. As an active member of the Pumpkin Hollow study group, he was often the voice of deep wisdom. Daily, Loren carried in his shirt pocket quotes referencing spiritual concepts. On the day of Loren’s transition, the following note was found on him:

I am already given to the power that rules my fate.
I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend.
I have no thoughts so I will see.
I fear nothing so I will remember myself.
Detached and at ease
I will dart past the Eagle to be Free.
--Carlos Castaneda

It is with tremendous love and tenderness that we celebrate the liberation of Loren from his physical body and send him joyfully on his way. While we will miss his presence every day, we know his true nature is busy with its next task on the Path. Yippee!

Contributions to honor Loren Wheeler maybe sent to:
Pumpkin Hollow Foundation (not for profit 501c3)
1184 County Route 11
Craryville NY 12521.

Those who knew Loren are invited to come walk the grounds, sit and listen to the waterfall, and be at peace with the presence of the Hollow and Loren.

Dear Friends,

I treasure your sharing and support – through cards, phone calls and visits at the Hollow since Loren’s passing and welcome your kind words of his interaction with each of you.

Each one of you has touched and will touch with care the Hollow as volunteers and guests. Through all the little and not so little jobs – the ‘work to do’ – creating an atmosphere of Beauty, Harmony and Order – thus a radiance resounds as the vibrant energy behind Loren’s favorite greeting – “Welcome to the Hollow” – uplifting all who came and went, who come and return.

I am profoundly grateful to each of you because you nurtured and will nurture the seeds of contentment in Loren, touching his inner joy, enriching his deep confidence in the Hollow’s mission to be a center of light radiating to the world, a contribution by all.

"Wisdom is of loving deeds the child…"

With respect and love,