Living and Working With Angels, Devas and Nature Spirits presented by Kurt Leland/Northeast Theosophical Federation

June 29- July 1, 2018 Friday evening through Sunday lunch

Living and Working With Angels, Devas and Nature Spirits presented by Kurt Leland

Theosophical teachings posit the existence of a parallel evolutionary scheme to that of human beings, populated by nonphysical intelligences that are responsible for the creation and maintenance of life on our planet and its associated nonphysical realms--the deva evolution. The term deva is Sanskrit for “shining one,” and is roughly equivalent to what Westerners call angels. This evolution, which includes nature spirits at the lower end and mighty archangelic beings at the upper end, has exerted a fascination for artists, writers, and musicians for centuries, challenging them to depict such beings, their nonphysical realms of being, and the states of consciousness associated with them. In this workshop, Kurt will outline the Theosophical teachings on nature spirits and devas, from Blavatsky and Leadbeater to Geoffrey Hodson and Dora Kunz. We’ll sample depictions of nature spirits and devas in art, literature, and music and Kurt will tell stories of personal encounters with them, suggesting ways we can become more aware of their presence and how to work with them for the benefit of all beings.

Program fee: $100 and is a non-refundable deposit, to be paid in full at time of registration.
The Northeast Federation (TSA) through the generosity of the Sellon Trust and our members will help with the cost of the room and board. Members in good standing as of 1/1/17 (TSA) are eligible for this scholarship.

The scholarship will be $130. $75 will be due for balance of retreat.

Singles are an additional $40 for the weekend.

Go to registration page to register. For further information please contact the Pumpkin Hollow office.

Commuters: Register by June 27, 2017. $220 for entire weekend (includes $100, nonrefundable registration fee).

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