TT Workshops at Pumpkin Hollow

Although taught and practiced all over the world, taking a course in Therapeutic Touch at Pumpkin Hollow, the birthplace of Therapeutic Touch, is unique. It is within this pristine natural setting that Dora Kunz and Dr. Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN created the Therapeutic Touch Process.

“Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center is an ideal environment to explore the TT experience” – VB

“As a first time attendee at Pumpkin Hollow, I experienced a profound sense of grounding from the moment I stepped onto the grounds – it was SO peaceful and relaxing! The sense of openness and camaraderie made me feel so welcome. I learned and grew in a comfortable environment.” – CC

“There is something very special about Pumpkin Hollow and it cannot be described in words. Come to Pumpkin Hollow and experience the feeling for yourself. Experience the trees, the meditation center, the labyrinth, the people of Pumpkin Hollow and the spirit of Dora who still seems present when we gather there to do Therapeutic Touch.” – DS

Celebrating 45 years of Therapeutic Touch at Pumpkin Hollow. . . tell your friends and colleagues!

All Therapeutic Touch Facilitators, Teachers and Mentors at Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center (PHRC) are taught by QTTT's (Qualified Therapeutic Touch Teachers) and follow the Krieger-Kunz method. They each have many years of experience and are highly skilled Therapeutic Touch Practitioners. The TT programs offered at PHRC meet all the requirements to allow participants to further their TT education and meet the TTIA guidelines to become a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (QTTP).

All programs have been developed in collaboration with Dr. Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, and co-founder of Therapeutic Touch.

Pumpkin Hollow offers Therapeutic Touch OPPORTUNITIES throughout the year!

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