The Mystic Path

November 9 -12, 2017

The Mystic Path is the direct route to truth, an un-mediated connection with divinity. In this retreat, silent meditation will be the main practice for traveling this path. But, as the great sages before us did, we will compliment seated meditation with lots of time in nature, daily yoga (aka physical and energetic healing), plus creative processing.

This retreat is ideal for you if you want to:

• strengthen your meditation practice
• become the authority on your own spiritual life
• access your deepest wisdom
• restore a sense of wholeness and wellbeing
• heal old traumas
• get clarity around a life transition
• re-invigorate your creativity and imagination
• learn how to articulate your deepest truths to others

$500 for a shared room

BUT! You can take $100 off if you sign up by September 1 and $50 if you sign up a friend.

Contact Name: 
Aaron Dias
Phone Number: 
(917) 399-0654