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Living As a Whole Person - Yoga Meditation and Therapeutic Touch as Helpful Skills

January 19-21, 2018 Friday dinner through Sunday lunch

Living as a Whole Person - Yoga Meditation and Therapeutic Touch as Helpful Skills

Our theme this year is 'Living as a Whole Person' - based on a pamphlet by Dora Kunz (a founder of Pumpkin Hollow and of Therapeutic Touch). We will explore the Yoga of Light: Yoga, Meditation and TT as integral and practical ways of ‘living as a whole person’. Included will be further exploration of last years theme ‘Conscious use of the Aura”.

Meditation: Dora Kunz guidance underlies our practice of meditating together as a group or alone. We will experience meditation as ‘quiet with a sense of flow (light energy and consciousness). Winter's pristine beauty and quietude are powerful energies to affirming meditation as a way of life.
Hatha Yoga and movement: based on Carolyn's lifelong experience as a yoga practitioner/teacher and professional dancer in the ecstatic dance traditions of India and the Middle East. The flow of light energy/consciousness is the foundation of her unique style. Carolyn offers individual attention which supports a person's well-being, - adapting all poses to individual’s needs and physical abilities. Laughter and 'being at ease' are important elements.

We will share Therapeutic Touch sessions. Everyone can participate whether or not they have studied TT.
Everyone will have time alone - deepening their connection to Nature's healing energies of harmony and order.

Through study of Dora Kunz' understanding of the human aura, participants are invited to deepen their perceptions of the human aura and the world around them using the practice of 'aura yoga' through hatha yoga, meditation and Therapeutic Touch.

Carolyn Kay Wheeler RN, RYT, QTTT shares her roots as yogini, dancer and TT practitioner but also her rich experience of 30 plus years in residence in the sanctuary of Pumpkin Hollow.


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NETF The Annual John Sellon Memorial Program with Khenpo Pema Wangdak

September 2-4, 2016 Friday dinner through Sunday lunch

The Theosophical Classic, The Voice of the Silence, by H.P. Blavatsky will be examined in the light of the original Tibetan Texts and Teachings.

Celebrate the memory of John Sellon this Labor Day weekend at PHRC with the Voice of the Silence. HPB's last and most precious gift, a translation of an ancient Tibetan text. Through meditation, study, lecture and ritual we will attempt to perceive the mysteries contained therein. We will be honored by the presence of Khenpo Pema Wangdak assisting us in our journey to understand the way of the boddhisattva. Familiarity with "The Voice of the Silence" is strongly recommended.

Full payment of program fee is your deposit for this special program.

Program Fee: $100 and is non-refundable deposit.

The Northeast Federation (TSA) through the generosity of the Sellon Trust and our members will help with the cost of the room and board. Members of TSA in good standing as of 1/1/16 are eligible for this scholarship.

The scholarship will be $130--$75 will be due for balance of retreat.

Single Rooms are an additional $40 per weekend.
For further info and registration contact Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center.

Facilitator Information: 

His Holiness Sakya Trizin Khenpo Pema was sent as the first of the younger generation of Tibetan teachers to America. In 1989. Lama Pema founded the Vikramasila Foundation, which includes the Palden Sakya Center in New York City, Woodstock, NY, Philmont, New York, Cresskill, NJ, Jamaica, VT, and Dayton OH. The Palden Sakya centers offer courses in Tibetan Buddhist studies and meditation. Khenpo Pema is the creator of "Bur Yig" -Tibetan Braille, and founder of several schools in India and the United States.

In 2007, his Holiness Khenpo Pema was awarded the title of "Khenpo." He was also awarded the "Ellis Island Medal of Honor" for his humanitarian work. Khenpo Pema has been teaching for 29 years, has students in the west, and travels to Dharma centers worldwide. His great knowledge of the English language, his familiarity with Western culture, combined with wisdom and compassion, make him an outstanding role model and teacher in the world today.

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The Gift of Silence (The Hollow's Autumn Meditation Retreat)

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October 16-18, 2020 Friday dinner through Sunday lunch

The Gift of Silence

Visit Pumpkin Hollow as mother nature prepares for her long winter slumber and we silently attend to her quietude. Nature’s beautiful forms beckon us to embrace the peace of life. By silencing speech, we create the opportunity to deepen our communion with Nature and to become more sensitive to each other. Relaxing our mental and emotional energy patterns frees us to embrace enormous cosmic energy. Like the falling autumn leaves we surrender and receive Nature’s flowing energy fields of vibrant color, pure sound, and soft caresses. At such times, we can experience inner calm and the spaciousness of being at one with life’s radiance.

On Friday evening we will gather to share our intentions before we melt into the ‘silence’ of not speaking. This retreat presents the challenge of becoming more aware of our patterns of thinking and feeling. Our group meditations and group activities will create a shift of focus. Through the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air, we will become alert and attuned to the rhythms of nature that support a healing process.

Earth—light gardening
Water—group meditation by waterfall
Fire—evening campfire
Air—slow walks on the trails
Peaceful contemplation
Early morning group meditation and light yoga
Time for solitude and personal introspection

It is the spiritual arrow of intentionality that guides and opens doors. It is the intention of Pumpkin Hollow to serve as a center of peace in the world. Come to silent retreat. Be at peace and contribute to this vibrant field, as we freely radiate peace and goodwill out to the world.

Program Fee: $80
Room and Board - please see our registration page

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Facilitators, Carolyn Wheeler and Leda Milazzo are long time Hollowers and devotees of the Gift of Silence.

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Private Retreats in Autumn

Autumn 2016
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Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center
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