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Spring Awakening

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April 8-10 Friday dinner through Sunday lunch

Step into spring with this fun and inspiring yoga retreat hosted by Carolyn and Darren ( Enjoy daily yoga and meditation classes with reiki, hiking, a manifestation workshop, a gratitude campfire, awsome home cooked vegetarian meals, and optional reiki sessions.

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Carolyn Liou
625 Main Street #742
New York, NY 10044

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January 30-February 1, 2015

Hidden within the mysteries of Life is the Unspeakable- it is this we seek- the Sanctum- "home of the sacred un-thing."

D Carson and N Sammons

Winter is the time for dreaming deeply. Under the stars and the silent blanket of snow, we and the Earth each die with the sun. In these depths we know again our origin, we see the coming ages, we know who are are and why. We heal and make preparation for the birth of the new Self. We redefine, refine, and create anew, always moving more powerfully into our True Self.

The Cailleach, the old woman of winter and Mother Goddess breathes new life into our 'deadness' and guards the eternal flame within all existence. The White Eagle holds our Spirit Visions- until it is Time.

The Sanctum calls- it is where the understandng of our spiritual purpose and the realization of our highest Self reside. Do you have the map? It will soon be Time.

Please join me on retreat...Barbara

retreat fee: $250 (payable to Barbara Joyce-Lambert ($50 nonrefundable deposit due by 12/15/14

Room and meals: $240 paybalbe to Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center ($70 nonrefundable deposit sue byr 12/15/14

mail both deposits to Barbara at PO Box 142 Elkda Park, NY 12427

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Barbara Joyce-Lambert, PhD, RN

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Barbara Joyce
Phone Number: 
518 589 9840

Retiro Espirituel/ Julio Bevione

June 12-14, 2015 - Friday dinner dinner through Sunday lunch.
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Silvia Nielson
Phone Number: 
201 951 6042

The Yoga Adventure

May 15-17, 2015 Friday evening through Sunday lunch

The Yoga Adventure is more than just another yoga retreat. We believe that yoga and life are an adventure. Our mission is to balance our inward journey of yoga and mindfulness with the exciting experiences of travel and new adventures. We work from a simple philosophy that we coined "Funfull". Funful is a combination of play and mindful practices.

All the Yoga Adventure excursions are set to a digital detox theme (limited or not technology) giving you time to disconnect from technology and the frantic pace of modern society.

Bring out your awesome. Disconnect to reconnect with yourself, others and the natural world. Whether you want to deepen your practice, explore a new country, take a sun trip, or just escape for a weekend, you are guaranteed to have an adventure.

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Will Schneider
Phone Number: 
917 767 1761


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