About us

Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center

Since 1937 Pumpkin Hollow has provided a peaceful and harmonious setting in which our essential spirituality can blossom and grow. We offer a rural sanctuary to promote the experience of the unity of all life and to evoke personal transformation. The Retreat Center is committed to programs and events which uniquely fulfill these ideals. Our goal is to foster fellowship, service and the study of natural laws that govern life; offering opportunities for self-discovery, meditation, healing and connecting with nature.

The Way of Life

Pumpkin Hollow's lifestyle is best described as 'organic in nature'; a richly physical, social and spiritual environment cultivated for over 80 years. It is an environment conducive to nurturing each indivudual's desire to discover and explore their inner path. Our waterfall, trails, labyrinth and other sacred spaces allow you to commune intimately with Nature and your Inner Self.

Our Reading Room

Offers an array of traditional spiritual teachings. Opportunities to meditate alone or with a group are fundamental here. The Hollow becomes a 'home' as visitors sense a release from the stress of life and relax into a fresh vitality and awareness.


In accordance with our principle of respect for all life, our cuisine is vegetarian. This means no meat, no fish, no fowl is allowed on the property. Also, alcohol and recreational drugs are not allowed on the property. Smoking is permitted only out-of-doors.

The Spirit of Volunteerism

Those who come to Pumpkin Hollow are not merely visitors but friends and seekers. Service is an integral part of our center. Individual or group participation in the caring for the Hollow is achieved through the spirit of volunteerism and in service to one another. We all contribute to the Hollow's health, well-being, and spiritual atmosphere. In this spirit, after-meal work activities called Karma Yoga are shared among all workshop participants.

Bring Your Group

Are you looking for a place to hold a gathering for your group? Pumpkin Hollow is the perfect setting for retreats, workshops, studies and practices. See Bring Your Group or contact the Hollow for more information.

Green we are...

An abundant organic vegetable garden supplies our kitchen. Energy consciousness includes a large solar panel array, recycling, composting and heating with wood. Our practice is to live lightly and simply on the land.