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Michael Gomes

D9 - The World of H.P Blavatsky (5 Tapes -$35)
I7 - The Esoteric Tradition (3 Tapes - $21)

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Stephan Hoeller

All cassette tapes are $10 each.

Y1 - Gnosticism - The Hymn of the Pearl
Z1 - The Messianic Impulse
A2 - The Myth of Sophia
B2 - The Nag Hammaddi Library - Gnostic Scripture
Z2 - Jung & the Gnostic Gospels
A3 - The Gnostic Feminine
D3 - The Holy Kabbalah & the Tree of Life
G7 - Gospel of Thomas (6 Tapes)
R7 - The Hermetic Tradition (7 Tapes)
J8 - Uncovering the Shadow (Jung Updated) (6 Tape Set)
N8 - Depth Psychology and the Wisdom Tradition. - (6 Tapes )

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Dr. Dolores Kreiger

Dr. Krieger's Unpublished Therapeutic Touch Papers available ONLY through Pumpkin Hollow. Each set in the series will include 6-8 papers and supplements on an aspect of TT. Each Set below is $12.00 plus S/H. All five Sets cost $60 plus S/H.

SET #I Therapeutic Touch: As Process
SET #II Therapeutic Touch: Acknowledging The Inner Self
SET #III Therapeutic Touch: Lucid Healing In The Transpersonal Dimension
SET #IV Therapeutic Touch: Teaching Strategies
SET #V Therapeutic Touch: Healer As Mentor

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Dora Kunz

DVD's of Dora's talks - $16 each plus shipping and handling:

  • Reminiscences, Perspectives on healing, Lively talk with Q&A)-last night at Pumpkin Hollow during Advanced TT 1998)
  • Order, Balance and Basic Principles of doing TT; Healing in the Early Days (Dora's last year at Pumpkin Hollow).

DIGITIZED CD's are available--made from selected cassette tapes of Dora's talks: cost is $11 per CD, 3 for $30 plus shipping and handling:

  • Meditation and the Inner Self
  • Meditation: a Tool for Living
  • Healing, it's effect on our lives
  • Insights on Healing
  • The Power of Mind
  • Chakras and Human Energy Fields

**Books on Therapeutic Touch and Related Subjects***
NEW Publication: **A Most Unusual Life, biography of Dora van Gelder Kunz **$24.95
The Personal Aura by Dora van Gelder Kunz - $21.95 (with illustrations)
Spiritual Healing - compiled by Dora Kunz - $15.00
The Real World of Fairies by Dora van Gelder Kunz - $14.00
The Chakras & the Human Energy Fields by Dora Kunz & Shafica Karagulla M.D. -$12.95
The Chakras by C.W. Leadbeater - $15.95
Therapeutic Touch: A Practical Guide by Janet MaCrae - $14.00
The Therapeutic Touch Handbook - Level One - Basic by Diane May RN - $16.00
The Therapeutic Touch Handbook - Level Two and Three - Intermediate by Diane May RN - $23.50
The Therapeutic Touch Handbook- Advanced Practice by Diane May $29.95
Therapeutic Touch as Transpersonal Healing by Dr. Dolores Krieger - $20.00
The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch by Dr. Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz ( co-founders of TT) - $16.00
Therapeutic Touch by Dr. Dolores Krieger - $13.95
Accepting Your Power to Heal by Dr. Dolores Kreiger - $16.00

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Pumpkin Hollow Publications - Booklets

Teachings From Loren's Shirt Pocket - $2.00

Talks By Dora Kunz
- Devic Consciousness - $2.00
- Conscious Use of the Aura - $2.00
- Living as a Whole Person/Death & Rebirth - $2.00

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