A World of Bridges
There is a bridge leading from the outer world to the inner one. It is called Pumpkin Hollow. As we enter this sacred space our lives change. Crossing this bridge, we find ourselves in an atmosphere of terrestrial beauty, vibrant energies, colorful personalities, and deep wisdom.
We have unlimited opportunities to grow and experience our higher natures. We meet fellow seekers who challenge us, illuminate us, make us laugh and sometimes cry. We make new friends here. Friends who we may not have contact with in the outer world, but who have touched us deeply and remain in our hearts forever.
There are bridges within the space of Pumpkin Hollow. Physical bridges leading us to a world of nature with its quiet beauty, flowing stream, rocks, trees, and animals giving us a place to just BE.
There are bridges between different opinions and points of view giving us a chance to broaden our horizons, helping us to accept our human-ness. There are spiritual bridges guiding us and helping us to be patient, humble and grateful for the gifts we have been given.
When we depart from Pumpkin Hollow crossing that bridge back to the outer world, we cannot help but be different from when we arrived. We carry within us subtle changes allowing us to see humanity with a more open mind and heart, bridging the space between worlds. -- Susan O'Neill

From the moment I first arrived at Pumpkin Hollow in 2012, I felt its warm and spiritual presence. I was infused with a sense of peace and belonging from the land and the people working there. Since then, I have facilitated many singing retreats and also volunteered numerous hours ~ giving to and receiving from this magical and sacred place. Many of the participants of my retreats have also volunteered their time over the years to help maintain this beautiful sanctuary. ~ Private Retreat Facilitator