Teachings From Loren's Shirt Pocket (theme): Annual program -yoga, meditation as a way of life

January 25-27, 2019 Friday dinner through Sunday lunch

Teachings from Loren’s Shirt Pocket - Yoga Meditation and Therapeutic Touch as a way of life.

**Our theme this year is ‘Teachings from Loren’s Shirt Pocket’. **

A warm welcome to those who wish to delve into Life! - share insights, reflective discussion and meditations on key spiritual teachings chosen and practiced by lifetime theosophist Loren Wheeler. For over 40 years, Loren and his wife, Carolyn served at Pumpkin Hollow as it expanded its outreach of upliftment and healing. The ‘teachings’ selected are primarily ones found in Loren’s shirt pocket the day of Loren’s transition, April 27, 2018 at Pumpkin Hollow. We will focus on these ‘teachings’ – brief handwritten notes – to inspire and support daily life as the field of spiritual practice.

Carolyn’s annual winter program always integrates Yoga, Meditation and Therapeutic Touch.

Meditation: Dora Kunz guidance informs our practice of meditation as a group or solo. We will experience meditation as ‘quiet with a sense of flow. Winter's pristine beauty and quietude at the Hollow are powerful energies affirming our group meditations as well as ‘time alone’to deepen one’s connection to Nature's healing energies of harmony and order.

Hatha Yoga & movement: based on Carolyn's lifelong experience as a yoga practitioner/teacher, professional dancer in the ecstatic dance traditions of India and the Middle East. The flow of light energy/consciousness is the foundation of her unique style. Carolyn offers individual attention which supports a person's well-being, - adapting all poses to individual’s needs and physical abilities. Laughter and 'being at ease' are important elements.

We will share Therapeutic Touch sessions. Everyone participates whether or not they have studied TT.

Carolyn Kay Wheeler RN, RYT, QTTT shares her roots as yogini, dancer and TT practitioner but also her rich experience of 30 plus years in residence in the sanctuary of Pumpkin Hollow.


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