Ceile De Annual East Coast US Gathering

October 12-18 2016 Wednesday dinner through Sunday lunch

An intensive four day residential retreat, offering spiritual teachings and practices of the Ceile De tradition to long-term practitioners and newcomers alike.

It will include:

Regular silence and prayer times/meditation practices every day.
Ancient Gaelic sacred chants
Spiritual Teachings from the Ceile De tradition
Spiritual practices for inner transformation
Quiet time in Nature; the face of The Divine
ONGOINg COMMUNITY: Newcomers will have the opportunity to consider joining one of our Ceile De groups on the East Coast. Ongoing practice within the Ceile De community offers a pwoerful container for those who seek a path that invites commitment and openess to real inner change.

to register: www.termonn.org/retreats

Facilitator Information: 

Sister Fionntulach: Sister Fionn, as most people call her, is our longest established teacher, having been teaching the tradition for almost twenty years. She lives in Scotland and teaches regularly in both Europe and the USA.

Contact Name: 
Melinda Gardiner
Phone Number: 
518 325-5546