Rest Your Soul Renew Your Spirit

October 23-25, 2015 Friday dinner through Sunday lunch

"Our spiritual life is our everyday life"

How can we transform ourselves to have more peace, love and joy? In calming our mind and heart, thereby settling into our own hearts more fully and simply connecting to our true selves. In raising our awareness of our 'spiritual selves' versus our 'human selves.'

Together we will experience a reconnection. In our relaxed environment this weekend will feature: Effective guided meditation, Chi Gong- simple movements to restore harmony and balance, Ancient healing sounds, heart opening exercises, fire cermony to release with intention our self limiting patterns, restorative relaxation poses , Breath awareness, remember how to just "be".

Come join us for a restorative, uplifting weekend and leave with a sense of renewal.

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Facilitator Information: 

Debra Cappock-Clegge has studied energy work since 1980 with her beginnings here at Pumpkin Hollow with extensive study with Dolores Krieger, RN, PhD. and Dora Kunz, the founders of Therapeutic Touch. She went on to study Chi Gong and medical Chi Gong and now is a practitioner and teacher. She recently received a Nursing scholarship in Donna Karen's UZIT program which is a movement to bring these healing modalities into the mainstream healthcare system. She is no an Integrative therapist through that program using Reiki, aromatherapy, resorative and breath awareness. She created and has been facilitatin Rest Your Sou, Renew Your Spirit at PHRC for several years now.

Richard Clegg has studied the art of internal energy for over 30 years with his training in Tae Kwon Do and is a master and 5th degree black belt. He also uses his awareness of energy with his work with plantlife through his Horticulture Degree from Cornell University. He went on to study extensively Chi Gong, Medical Chi Gong and is a practitioner and teacher. Richard also attended the UZIT program in NYC with Donna Karen and is an Integrative therapist using, Reike, aromatherpay, resotrative poses, and breath awareness.

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Debra Cappock Clegg
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845 702 7319