The Yoga Adventure

May 15-17, 2015 Friday evening through Sunday lunch

The Yoga Adventure is more than just another yoga retreat. We believe that yoga and life are an adventure. Our mission is to balance our inward journey of yoga and mindfulness with the exciting experiences of travel and new adventures. We work from a simple philosophy that we coined "Funfull". Funful is a combination of play and mindful practices.

All the Yoga Adventure excursions are set to a digital detox theme (limited or not technology) giving you time to disconnect from technology and the frantic pace of modern society.

Bring out your awesome. Disconnect to reconnect with yourself, others and the natural world. Whether you want to deepen your practice, explore a new country, take a sun trip, or just escape for a weekend, you are guaranteed to have an adventure.

Contact Name: 
Will Schneider
Phone Number: 
917 767 1761