Pumpkin Hollow sponsored program

PRIVATE RETREATS in the Fullness of Summer

June through August

Come to the richly nurturing creative surroundings of Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center with your friend, group, family, or solo- with personal project or for reflection and renewal. Stay with us and access the healing and creative energies encapsulated in the beautiful 130 acres of pristine woodlnad, flowing waters and falls.

Abide in the atmosphere of our beautiful Meditation Center by the waterfalls or the solitude and seclusion of the Healer's Sanctuary overlooking the glorious gorge. Stroll meditatively or enjoy the groomed trails for fellowship and conversation.

Seek out signs of spring in our greenhouse or in the woods! Help with the garden planting!

Enjoy the warmth of the farmhouse reading room for study and contemplation.

A variety of accomodations are available for your stay. Both privacy and fellowship are here.

Your personal needs are important to our staff. By individual arrangement private sessions are available: yoga, massage, Therapeutic Touch.

$125 day inclusive/ longer stays negotiable fee

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Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center
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"INNER QUIET WITH A SENSE OF FLOW," Meditation, Yoga, and Therapeutic Touch as a Way of Life

January 15-17, 2016 Friday dinner through Sunday Lunch

Yoga, Meditation and Therapeutic Touch are skillful means to nourish new patterns of daily renewal. These practices are integrated, rooted in common spiritual principles.

Hatha Yoga* creates a harmonious balance and integration of our whole being. We cultivate our ability to 'boost and balance' our energy flow, even-out our emotional rhythms and to 'quieten' our mind. Then we can experience a natural 'spaciousness' of being, re-creating radiance from within outwards.

Meditation is a powerful and uplifting practice that can serve as a foundation for our lives. We will discuss Dora Kunz' guidance for letting go of long-term patterns that block our spiritual growth as well as simple and practical ways to re-center and renew our energy flow amidst our daily life.

We will share Therapeutic Touch as a gift of renewal and healing. It can be an opportunity to renew your practice. If you have not studied TT enjoy receiving a treatment.

Join us! The Hollow in winter is immersed in the pristine energies of deep calm and sparkling light which supports our process of inwardness. It is a 'wonder-full' time of renewal.

*This yoga is for everyone! Postures are adapted to each person, the primary focus is on a harmonious energy flow.

**Dora Kunz was a co-founder of Therapeutic Touch, a founder of Pumpkin Hollow, and a teacher of meditation throughout her life.

$80 plus room and board

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Carolyn Kay Wheeler is rooted in Dora's TT teachings and meditations. For 30+ years, Carolyn has integrated her life skills as a TT practitioner and teacher, professional dancer, Hatha Yoga instructor and holistic nurse as she faciliates classes and retreats. Carolyn lives at Pumpkin Hollow.

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Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center
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518 325 3583

PRIVATE RETREATS in the Beauty and Quietude of Winter

throughout January

Come to the richly nurturing creative surroundings of Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center with your friend or for personal reflection and renewal. Immerse yourself in the healing and creative energies of pristine, sparkling snowy woodlands, the deep calm of our octagonal Meditation center and warmth of the reading room for study and contemplation. Share fellowship and conversation around the hearthfire of our living room.

The Hollow is closed during the month of February for our own retreat and renewal.

$240 weekend (Friday evening through Sunday lunch) or weekday $100/day

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Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center
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Winter Solstice/New Year's Annual Retreat 2017

December 30, 2017 - January 1, 2018 Saturday afternoon through Monday brunch

A sacred time in nature for fellowship, meditation and celebration. A potent time to seed, nourish and share our aspirations.

"Let no one imagine that it is mere fancy the attaching of import to the birth of the new year cycle. The earth passes through definite phases and man with it. And as a day can be colored, so can the year. The astral life of the earth is young and strong between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, those who form their intentions now will have added strength to fulfill them consistently." HP Blavatsky

The Pumpkin Hollow Community invites you to join with us for our annual Winter Solstice/New Year's Retreat.

The Hollow's natural, contemplative environment of healing energies, peaceful silence and pristine winter beauty make it an ideal place to review our lives and set our intentions for the coming year. As we celebrate together, we enjoy the feeling of 'coming home.'

We usher in the new year with joyful celebrations and deepening meditations. We share nature walks, creative group activities, personal and group rituals in the lovely atmosphere of these sanctuary grounds.

We warmly welcome you to join our gathering!


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Pumpkin Hollow: residents

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Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center
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518 325 3583


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